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Quality Improvement Regional Overview, 2016-17

55,541 Patients
High Blood Pressure
194,742 Patients
Heart Failure
9,195 Patients
Nearly half of 55,541 patients with diabetes met standards for diabetes care and outcomes, while over three-quarters of 194,742 high blood pressure patients met care and outcomes standards.

Better Health Partnership has been measuring the care of patients with Diabetes since 2007, with Heart Failure since 2008, and with High Blood Pressure since 2009. Our newest checkup report describes the health in 2016-17 of 207,798 adult residents of Northeast Ohio who are living with chronic disease. In all, our data describe 819 primary care providers at 80 practices within 9 health systems. The graphs show the percentage of patients who meet each of Better Health’s main standards.
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Diabetes Care Standards
Diabetes Outcomes Standards
High Blood Pressure Standards Heart Failure Evaluation Standards
Heart Failure Treatment Standards
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