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Diabetes Standards
Partner primary care providers (physicians and advanced practice nurses) voluntarily provide de-identified patient-level data on Better Health's standards, which are nationally accepted and vetted locally by the Clinical Advisory Committee of Better Health.
Patients with diabetes qualify for reporting by Better Health Partnership if they were between the ages of 18 and 75 and seen on
at least two separate occasions for primary care in the most recent
one-year reporting period.

Diabetes Care

Care standards describe achievement on 4 processes important to good diabetes care. Each patient must meet all 4 standards to be included in the composite care score.
Blood Sugar Control Test
Hemoglobin A1c test performed annually
Kidney Management
Testing urine for kidney function or prescribed an ACE or ARB medication to protect kidneys
Eye Examination (in Prior Year)
Eye examination performed annually to help identify and treat diabtetic eye disease
Pneumonia Vaccination
Pneumonia vaccination to help prevent serious lung infections

Diabetes Outcomes

Diabetes Outcomes standards describe achievement on 5 metrics important to good control of diabetes. Each patient must meet 4 of the 5 standards to be included in the composite outcomes score.
Good Blood Sugar Control
Hemoglobin A1c below 8
Good Blood Pressure Control
Systolic blood pressure below 140 and diastolic blood pressure below 90
Cholesterol in Good Control
(LDL) Bad cholesterol below 100 or prescribed a statin medication to control cholesterol
Weight in Good Control
Body Mass Index (a measure of how healthy your weight is for your height) is below 30
Not Smoking
Not smoking is an important part of your health, especially when you have diabetes

Patients with diabetes reported by Better Health Partnership include all patients who:
  1. have a diabetes diagnosis (which is determined by ICD-9 or ICD-10 codes)
  2. are age 18 to 75, inclusive, on the starting date of the reporting period, and
  3. have at least 2 primary care office visits on different days during the reporting period.
Our complete specifications for patient eligibility are available to our Members at this link.

If you would like further information about our measures, please contact us by clicking here.