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The pace of change in health care delivery is quickening, and patient-focused primary care is at the focus. With increased focus on getting more value from health care, purchasers, payers and providers are redesigning care and payment systems to achieve better outcomes and lower costs. The Patient Centered Medical Home model for primary care is the centerpiece of Better Health's practice transformation work.

The Patient Centered Medical Home model provides structured, proactive and coordinated care for patients rather than episodic treatments for illnesses. In a medical home, the primary-care doctor operates as a "home base" for patients, overseeing all aspects of patients' health and coordinates care with any specialists involved in the patient's care.

New payment structures are critical to optimize the PCMH model’s impact on care, outcomes and cost. The predominant fee-for-service payment model pays for physician visits, but does not pay for proactive patient outreach or care coordination, key components of the model that have proven their worth. The current payment mode simply encourages more visits and shorter visits that often don’t permit ample attention to patients' needs.