Elevating Children's Health 2-Part Series: Children's Mental Health Initiative Update


According to a June 9, 2021 article in Kaiser Health News, the latest U.S. data from 2019 shows that women in their teens and early 20s reported drinking and getting drunk at higher rates than their male peers – in some cases for the first time since researchers began measuring such behavior. In recent years, studies have found rates of depression, anxiety, eating disorders and suicide are climbing among teenagers and young adult women. And the layers of stress, isolation, and trauma from COVID could make things worse.

This webinar demonstrates how Better Health Partnership's Children's Health Initiative, led by Northeast Ohio’s primary care and health and human services providers, continues to forge strategies for improving the health and vitality of all children – including mental and behavioral health strategies to help mitigate the rising rates of these conditions and their negative consequences.

Event Overview:

  • Identify collective improvement strategies set by BHP’s Children’s Mental/Behavioral Health experts to address rising rates of anxiety, depression, and suicide in children
  • Explain how University Hospitals Rainbow Babies and Children's and The Centers are working together to improve care coordination between primary care and behavioral health providers
  • Summarize what a Certified Community Behavioral Health Center (CCBHC) is and how it will bolster access to mental health and substance use care in Cleveland
  • Describe ways in which the OhioRISE program will address complex mental and behavioral health needs of children
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Children's Mental Health Initiative Update (Day 1)


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