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Collecting data and measuring results consistently across all participants ensures efforts remain aligned and on target with shared goals. The Health Metrics Advisory Committee helps us identify and gain consensus on common measures that inform the strategic activities determined by the member leadership teams. Better Health Partnership ensures data integrity and compliance with HIPAA privacy and security policies with our data collection and reporting methods. 

Electronic record clinical data, combined with public health, social needs, environmental and payer data is used to inform meaningful action and to help identify replicable best practices that can be spread across the region for greater impact. We leverage our capabilities in data and analytics to perform robust evaluation and research to help our partners and funders assess return on investment (ROI) and efficacy of pilot interventions and we publish findings for broader dissemination when applicable. 

See Our Impact section for research/publications. Better Health's trusted data-sharing and analytic methods enable public reporting on health and health disparities for over 600,000 individuals living in Northeast Ohio and social determinants of health – creating the opportunity to collaborate on improvement interventions and inform future investments for solutions proven to work.




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