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Better Health Partnership, established in 2007, is a non-profit regional health improvement collaborative dedicated to improving health outcomes and reducing health disparities for infants, pregnant individuals, children and adults experiencing challenging health and social needs, living in Northeast Ohio. We bring health systems together with public health, Pathway HUBs, schools, social service agencies, payers and community-based organizations to solve complex health issues and to conduct research/evaluation to inform new interventions and advocacy. 

Our collective achievements have been widely published and nationally recognized, including significantly reducing gaps in racial/ethnic disparities with adult diabetes care and improving blood pressure control for thousands of adults. An independent study published in Health Affairs, February 2018, documented nearly $40 million saved from approximately 6,000 cardiovascular-related, avoidable hospitalizations over 6 years in Cuyahoga County.

Launched in 2020, the Better Health Pathways HUB now connects hundreds of people and patients every year to care and resources to help them better manage issues with food insecurity, transportation, housing stability, employment and more.




Better Health Partnership, the region’s most trusted health improvement collaborative, achieves exceptional health value and eradicates health disparities in Northeast Ohio.


We bring health care, social services, and other sectors together to share best practices and accelerate data-informed improvements in equitable population and community health.

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