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Better Care
The Better Health Partnership drives high-quality care, and that drives better health.
Better Health
We are transforming health care systems to improve the health of individuals and our community.
Lower Costs
We support value-based payment models to accelerate better care and lower costs.

Latest News

Our latest reporting data on both adults and children has been released!
Our adult community health Report 23 includes 179,208 patients while our Children's Health Initiative Report 5 includes 264,550 children. Some key findings:
  • As compared to 2015, an additional 29,587 adults now meet the BP < 140/90 standard.
  • 32,855 children, or 16.4% have a BMI that puts them in the obese category.
  • 16,247 children ages 13-18 , or 28.6% have either an elevated or hypertensive blood pressure.
  • 45,465 children, or 17.2% have an asthma diagnosis.
We are also proud to present our 2018 'Gold Star' awards to 45 of our partner practices from 7 reporting health systems. To access and explore all of our latest adult and children's data and mapping click here.

May Dugan Center welcomed as new member
The mission of the May Dugan Center is "to help people enrich and advance their lives and communities" and their service offerings include trauma recovery, momsfirst, health and wellness, and education and employment resources. Better Health is pleased to have them join our growing collaborative and look forward to many shared successes. Welcome. Learn more about the May Dugan Center and their work - click here.

We're hiring: Director of Data and Analytics
Better Health Partnership is hiring a Director of Data and Analytics. This individual leads Better Health's data analytic and reporting functions in alignment with the organization's strategic agenda and data-related requirements of various partners and stakeholders, works with Better Health's staff and partners on the design, management, and analysis of data, including electronic health record data collected from multiple health systems, to create and build analyses, reports, visualizations, maps, databases, code bases, and other tools. To learn more or apply, click here.