2020 Adult Health Report

Better Health Partnership's adult population health improvement efforts, informed by data, and led by Northeast Ohio's primary care providers from 18 health systems, highlight the value of regional collaboration and its' impact on quality of care disparities, health outcomes, and avoidable utilization/costs. Since 2007, our partners have worked collectively to address complex challenges with adults experiencing diabetes and high blood pressure, and to improve colorectal cancer screening rates.

In 2020, we introduce our newly formed Adult Leadership Team who will help identify and target new conditions and strategies to take collective health impact to new levels across the region. An area of specialized focus includes evaluating trends and monitoring disparities in care and outcomes related to COVID-19 in adult populations being managed across multiple health systems.

Learn more about Better Health Partnership's adult population health improvement initiatives, and future collaborative goals for achieving greater health equity, intended to create opportunities for all individuals to be productive and thrive.

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