2020 Better Health Pathways HUB

In 2020, Better Health Partnership launched the new Pathways Community HUB (PCH) for Cuyahoga County – becoming one of ten Pathways HUBs in the state of Ohio, supported by the Ohio Commission on Minority Health. The PCH is a centralized, evidence-based, care coordination model that improves health, reduces costs and promotes equity.

The Pathways HUB brings cross-cutting, high-touch interventions provided by Community Health Workers to all populations – primarily minorities living in low-income neighborhoods. In this webinar, we feature Pathways HUB strategic partnerships working to better manage adult homeless patients, children at risk for lead exposure, and infant/maternal health.
The Pathways HUB brings scalability and sustainability of social services in the region by creating a large, centralized network of care coordination agencies (CCAs) who work "pathways" to meet client needs, supported with reimbursement from Medicaid Managed Care. One CCA partner will share their views on the value the HUB brings to their organization and the populations they serve.

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