First Year Cleveland's Action Team 4 Report:
Extreme Premature Births

Prematurity is the largest contributing factor to infant mortality in Greater Cleveland. One of First Year Cleveland's (FYC) priorities is to reduce the number of preterm births from the 2015 baseline rate of 14.9 percent to less than 10 percent by the end of 2020.

FYC Action Team 4, co-led by Rita Horwitz, President and CEO of Better Health Partnership and Dr. Brian Mercer, Chair OB/GYN of The MetroHealth System, was formed in May 2018 with the overarching goal of reducing extreme premature births and racial disparities. Clinical experts from four Cuyahoga County healthcare systems and others, engaged in learning circles to identify and implement modifiable interventions believed to help prevent or delay premature births and optimize perceivable birth outcomes.

This webinar reveals the findings of Action Team 4 and related action plans for improvement across health systems to help keep our babies from being born too early so they may celebrate their first birthday!

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