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Better Health Pathways HUB Celebrates 3rd Anniversary!

We are thrilled that February 9, 2023, marks the Better Health Pathways HUB’s 3rd anniversary. Pictured above is Better Health Partnership’s first cohort of community health workers receiving HUB training in February 2020.

The Better Health Pathways HUB launched one month before COVID-19 caused the nation (and large parts of the world) to shut down in 2020. Despite the challenges created by launching a care coordination model in the midst of a pandemic, the HUB succeeded in enrolling 138 clients by mid-September of 2020.

In honor of our 3rd anniversary, we proudly highlight the integral role that one of our founding agencies, the Carmella Rose Health Foundation, played in influencing the creation of the Better Health Pathways HUB. Ginny Pate, who led Carmella Rose at the time, attended several planning meetings with Better Health Partnership and other community stakeholders to help bring the Pathways HUB model to Cuyahoga County. Terri Johnson, the current Executive Director of Carmella Rose, shared the following thoughts as she reflected on the 3rd anniversary of the Better Health Pathways HUB:

“It was exhilarating to participate in the Better Health Pathways HUB launch in 2020. Better Health Partnership’s President and CEO, Rita Horwitz, and her team provided constant support throughout the pandemic.

HUB meetings continue to provide a forum for community care agencies to collaborate and share valuable resources and information. In the future, we look forward to sharing in the growth of the HUB to promote healthy outcomes for our clients. Congratulations to the Better Health Pathways HUB on your third anniversary!”

 We are immensely grateful to Carmella Rose and our other care coordination agencies that have enabled the success of the Better Health Pathways HUB over the past three years. We look forward to continuing to work with our key partners to serve the community and remove barriers that stand in the way of people achieving their highest degree of health.


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