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CHW Successfully Solves Client’s Transportation Barrier

Working with our health system partners who are agencies of the Better Health Pathways HUB, we frequently see the challenges patients face trying to get to their medical appointments. A University Hospitals (agency partner of the Pathways HUB) community health worker (CHW) was working with a client who had recently sold her vehicle and needed help figuring out how to get a ride to a medical appointment. The CHW called the client’s insurance company and requested transportation assistance which resulted in the client being offered a single-person ride option. The client was grateful for the offer but was very reluctant to use the single-person ride option because of previous challenges with lengthy wait times for her return trip home.

The CHW called the insurance company again, explained the client’s concerns, and learned of a second option for transportation. If the client had a friend or family member who was able to drive her to and from her appointment, they could be reimbursed for mileage! The representative explained that the insurance company sends a mileage reimbursement form to the client, the physician completes the form at the end of the appointment, and once both the patient and the physician sign the form it is emailed, faxed or mailed back to the insurance company for processing.  

The client was excited to learn about this service because it gave her more options and flexibility and her friend or family member would receive reimbursement for driving her. A true win-win for both! The client opted for the second transportation option and was able to get to her medical appointment – and now could focus on her health instead of how she was going to get to and from the doctor!

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