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HUB CHW Helps Client Gain Access to Needed Medication

On a recent Friday morning a client reached out in distress to Michaela, a community health worker (CHW) at The Centers who works in the Better Health Pathways HUB model. The client had been unable to take her daily medication for several days and was concerned about her condition and how she would function without it. The client’s medication was mailed to the client by the pharmacy, but it never arrived.

Michaela first reached out to the post office but was informed that they couldn’t help. She then contacted the pharmacy and was initially told there was nothing that could be done because the client’s insurance would not be willing to cover the medication prior to the time the next refill would be available. Michaela finally successfully advocated for the pharmacy to submit a one-time lost medication override to the insurance company and Michaela picked up the medication from the pharmacy and delivered it. No more worries or potentially compromised health for her client!

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