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Community Health Worker Helps Client Secure Permanent Housing

Sam, an elderly client of The Centers, a care coordination partner of the Better Health Pathways HUB, lives on a fixed income. She shared a residence with her brother and sister-in-law when, sadly, her brother passed away in the spring of 2022. Sam was unaware that her brother was behind on his mortgage payments and eventually the bank took possession of the home, forcing Sam and her sister-in-law to leave the residence.

Sam and her Community Health Worker (CHW) looked at several homes and apartments, but her income level didn’t meet any of the housing requirement options. She was forced to move into a shelter but continued to work with her CHW to find permanent housing.

The CHW connected Sam with EDEN, an organization that helps people face the challenges of housing insecurities and homelessness, which enabled her to receive rental assistance vouchers. One year later, Sam secured an apartment, and she has been living there for the past few months. Together, Sam and the CHW continue to work together to obtain necessary household items that enable her to make the apartment feel like home!

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