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HUB CHW Assists Family with Trauma and Housing Needs

Emily and her family enrolled in the Better Health Pathways HUB in December 2021. Emily’s daughter was pregnant and just beginning her second trimester. 2021 and 2020 had been years filled with trauma and immense loss for Emily and her family. They were victims of gun violence with several members of the household needing treatment at the local trauma center. In addition, they faced economic hardship, displacement and sadly, infant mortality.

Upon beginning her work with the family, Christine, a United Way CHW, immediately linked the family to grief counseling and the Cuyahoga County Witness Victim Service Center, which helps crime victims receive advocacy, information and access to community services. She also helped them apply for emergency rental assistance funds available from the county, which resulted in the family moving to a residence where they feel safe. At this time, Emily learned that her daughter was pregnant with twins. Emily’s daughter is due in July and Christine continues to provide the family support as they prepare for the twins’ arrival.

Better Health Pathways HUB client success stories spotlight the tremendous impact that CHWs and their care coordination agencies have on improving the health and well-being of their clients.

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