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Partnership Enables Quick Mobilization to Support Family Displaced by Fire

In mid-December, a house fire displaced a Better Health Pathways HUB client during some particularly cold days. This client was part of a combined project with Better Health Partnership and the Greater Cleveland Food Bank to help address food insecurity. Both teams quickly jumped into action to identify the client’s needs – which included secure housing, clothing, food, pack-n-plays, and housing for two elderly parents. Key to successfully meeting the client’s needs was working collaboratively with community partners, such as the Greater Cleveland Food Bank, Northeast Ohio Coalition for the Homeless, Fairhill Partners, The Jennifer Fund and others.

Julia Hirst, Root Cause Coordinator, Greater Cleveland Food Bank, and Carolyn Foster, Root Cause Coordinator for Families, Greater Cleveland Food Bank, quickly ensured essentials including food, transportation, and temporary funding were provided. Stephanie Fallcreek and her team at Fairhill Partners secured temporary, emergency housing for the client’s two elderly parents at The Senior Guest House.

“I am grateful for the opportunity to have directly helped one of our Pathways HUB clients during their time of need. I am particularly grateful for Julia Hirst from the Greater Cleveland Food Bank. She is extremely knowledgeable and worked tirelessly over the holidays to make sure the family had food and shelter. It was a true team effort,” said Jonathan Lever, Director of Population Health and Care Management, Better Health Partnership.

 This story shows that a commitment to partnership and collaboration does help our community gain access to resources they otherwise might not have been able to find without support.

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