Member Benefits & Information

Better Health Partnership (BHP) provides the neutral platform for our members' collective wisdom to be shared, collective action to be mobilized, and collective voice to be heard. As a member, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Engage in strategic leadership and advocacy opportunities and forums
  • Work with peers and others to improve population health outcomes; reduce disparities
  • Receive tailored reports for monitoring performance and informing value-based health improvement strategies
  • Receive regional recognition for gold star performance
  • Experience a safe space to collaborate, share best practices, and learn together
  • Obtain CME from learning collaboratives
  • Participate in local and statewide initiatives funded by private-public sources and grants
  • Access BHP experts for assistance with convening, project management and performance improvement
  • Partner with the Pathways HUB to better manage social needs of patients, improve equity, and receive reimbursement for outcomes achieved
  • Feature your successes at community events, in BHP newsletters, webinars and learning collaboratives

Our members embrace the following guiding principles for their collaborative work:

  • Create an inclusive environment; embrace and respect diverse thoughts and experiences.
  • Lead with best intentions for all and wear a community “hat” at the table.
  • Keep equity at the center of all decision-making
  • Include the patient experience and voice in decision-making.
  • Maintain integrity of all information shared.
  • Engage as stewards of collaborative change for a healthier Northeast Ohio.

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