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Better Health Partnership's adult health priorities include improving care and outcomes for chronic conditions of obesity, diabetes, smoking, high blood pressure and colorectal cancer screening. Our partners have achieved widely recognized improvements, including the significant reduction of racial and ethnic disparities in diabetes care and better blood pressure control in all populations – including the most vulnerable living in low-income neighborhoods throughout Cleveland. Better Health participates in the state-wide initiatives led by Case Western Reserve University and the Ohio Department of Medicaid including hypertension and diabetes quality improvement programs and Cardi-OH – a collaborative of experts at Ohio's seven medical schools that work to identify, produce and disseminate the latest evidence-based cardiovascular and diabetes best practices. The BHP Adult Health Leadership Team shares a passion for, and dedication to closing health equity gaps not only in processes of care, but also in diabetes outcomes such as glucose control, and in other cardiovascular conditions. In doing so, individuals can be more confident, healthier and secure in their trust of the health care system and other organizations that serve their health and social needs.


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